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A pitch for psychotherapy

When we break a bone, we listen to our body's direction and seek immediate medical attention. We have no choice but to focus on the pain and try to relieve it. 

When we experience conflict in a relationship or distressing experiences, there is a less obvious direction. It can be easy to ignore and avoid the signs our body is sending because they're more subtle. Lingering sadness or anxious feelings in the background of our day. Irritation. Trouble focusing.

Sleep disturbances. Excessive daydreaming. Chronic Illness. Codependency.  Feeling stuck.


It's easier to hide from fears and anxieties when we can't see them.

It's easier to ignore psychological pain when it's not bleeding out in front of you.

Sometimes, it's even easier to get lost in all that we're avoiding and lose ourselves altogether. 

What's hard is asking for help. And believing you deserve it.

Therapy can be the lighthouse that guides you back home.

The intention I hold for my clients is to support them in achieving their goals, but my hope is to also foster authenticity, curiosity, and the ability to live more consciously and fully.

Whether the issue that brings you in is anxiety, depression, relationship stress, self-esteem, trauma, work/life imbalance, or personal growth - therapy is a space to heal and grow through meaningful connection with another human being. Through this meaningful connection, we create the stage with which healing, growth, and change begin. The stage for you to transform change from hope into action. And together, along the way, uncover and get to know the deeper parts of ourselves.

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